I’m someone who doesn’t like to receive massages in general, but I always wish to get massage from Ivan. I am convinced that Ivan someone who knows what he does, and puts himself into it. I felt safe, and it seemed like Ivan read my mind, soul and body. I felt full of energy from head to toe. For me it was inexplicable healing. I felt my heart opened in a short time with an unknown man. Surprise, fear, replenishment, oneness. Thank you now and then. The feeling of the energy still gives me strength, light and power. I will remember it and it will be nourishment.



First thing when I think about tantra massage is rediscovered life energy, sexual energy and positive spirit. It was unforgetable experience beatiful energy, technique, skills and nice atmosphere that can heal your body, mind and soul.

Dublin, Ireland

I was totally transformed, tons of energy release and flow, feeling of tinglings within. I’m  impressed about Stellas’  incredibly knowledge, the techniques, the attentiveness, and highly intuitive. I can’t rate it highly enough, the best tantric massages I’ve hade.


Barcelona, Spain

I have had the pleasure to be a fairly regular customer of Stella and Ivan for the last few years. I was actually introduced to Tantra Massage by Stella initially.

The warmth of her greetings alone put you in the proper frame of mind to begin. Her sincerity and genuineness put one at ease.
The massage itself defies description…massage is not the right word because it relaxes the mind, body and soul. Stella’
s touch is exquisite, delicate , relaxing and transcending. Both the scents and oils are transfixing…the music is absorbed into the mind. This is a sensual experience par excellence. You are naked and feel nearly an altered state of consciousness while feeling soft strokes and touches.
I also had the pleasure of having a couples massage with my partner who told me that she had never experienced anything like it.
This is a couple who take it to a higher level.
Kildare, Ireland

I always had a wonderful time with the entire process of the Tantra massage.
The subtle energy flow was felt and the holistic hands of Stella healed me well.
Stella understood my needs and gave me perfect solutions.
I will come back again.

Wicklow, Ireland

It was a deep and relaxing dive into ocean of enrgy and feelings, truly mesmerising experience of tanra with Ivan and Stella, would definetly reccomend to all.


Dublin, Ireland

The deepest and most relaxing massage I ever experienced.  Well recommended and fulfilling thank you Stella you are a true goddess     


London, UK