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Tantra Massage Experience

We provide two and four hands Authentic Tantra Sensual Energy massage for
both male and female clients. We also offer Tantric sessions for

We want to help your heart, body and mind to open up to the new powerful
experience. Our goal is to help you to reveal this unspeakable pleasure,
to bring you closer to the state of true joy.  

We do our best creating relaxing ambience for our clients.  
Only the best quality natural oils, nice music, exotic scents and soft candlelight.  

Our Tantra massage sessions take place in specially designed Tantra massage treatment room in the privacy of our residence with shower facility provided.  

Tantra massage can’t be rushed therefor we recommend longer sessions to bring you closer to the state of real bliss and fully benefit from your experience.

Two Hands Tantra Massage Session

This session can be booked with Ivan or Stella.

You will unwind yourself with us and escape from the daily chaos of life full of stress, worries and tension.  
Your session will begin with meditative breathing that will help us to connect to each other and will make you feel more calm and relaxed.  

Then you will experience techniques from North Indian Ayurvedic massage all over your body. We will also focus on the specific Marma points to open up your nadies (energy channels) to allow prana (energy) flow more freely.   
When you become more opened and relaxed we will slowly move to (optional) lingam massage for man and (optional) yoni massage for women.   
This massage is from head to toe and won’t leave any part of your body untouched.  
It will help you to unblock your sexual energy and move it to the higher parts of your body to your higher chakras.

4 Hands Tantra Massage Session

This session is done by both therapists Ivan and Stella

Our four hands Tantra massage sessions are very popular along our clients.

In its pattern they are similar to to two hands sessions, but much more powerful and fulfilling. With a regular two hands massage you can predict the pattern. With two sets of hands and the combination of male and female touch and energy the brain can’t keep track of the movement which leads to a much deeper state of relaxation and much more powerful peak. Four hands massage not only just
doubles the pleasure, but is also more stimulating and more powerful. During four hands massage each of us is working on the separate parts of the body at the same time.  

This massage will help you to relax deeply and will take you to the seventh heaven. 

Tantra Massage Experience for Couple

This session is done by both therapists Ivan and Stella

Tantric massage is the perfect way of trying something new and for many
couples it could help to heal relationship problems. This is absolutely
safe and unforgettable experience awakening your senses and creating
even stronger connection with your partner. Bringing tantra massage in to your personal life allows you to observe your partner receiving sensual pleasure and being taken to the state of bliss.  

Both partners receive massage at the same time, being close to each other in the beautiful, calm and relaxing atmosphere.     

We use specific sensual techniques and touches to awaken your energy and achieve a higher state of consciousness. When awakened this energy allows to heal your body by releasing old mental and physical blockages.
Our massage will help you to become more personally empowered and
confident. After the session you will feel very relaxed but filled with
energy and in harmony with yourself and the world around you. You will
feel stronger connection between your body and mind, between yourself
and your loved one.  


Advanced booking is recommended to secure your preferred day and time slot.     

When booking your appointment please specify if you would like to book your
session with Ivan, Stella, four hands session with both of us or Tantra massage experience for couple.

To schedule your appointment please call us NOW on +353861717798  and enjoy this amazing experience for your body and soul.