Tantra massage for women 

Tantra massage is a modern creation which has it’s roots in the ancient Tantric teachings of energy. 

We perform it with deep concentration on the energy and the focus on the healing aspect of the massage. We approach the massage with the great respect for the woman, seeing her body as a manifestation of the divine.

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Why modern woman needs Tantra massage? 

Due to stressful lifestyle, unhealthy food, toxic modern environment, past emotional and physical traumas modern women have many energetical blockages.  

It is a common problem for modern women that they lost their sensitivity, have low sexual drive, are unable to reach an orgasm, many of them don’t even experience the pleasure during the act of sex, some feel pain or discomfort during the intercourse.  Some lost their sexuality after childbirth.  

According to the wise Tantric teachings this happens due to the energetic blockages.  

When the energy doesn’t move it becomes stagnant and creates blockage which if not removed could even manifest in the physical illness. Therefore, it is so important to create the energy movement. That is what we do in Tantra massage! It became an absolute necessity nowadays.  


Benefits of Tantra Massage for Women

Tantra Massage has many great benefits:

  • Has deep healing effects; 
  • It rejuvenates the whole body; 
  • Cures frigidity;  
  • Enhances sexual libido;  
  • Awakens woman’s sensitivity;  
  • Unlocks orgasmic potential;  
  • Releases emotional blockages, helps to cope with past   traumas and stuck emotions;  
  • Helps to release anxiety and stress;  
  • Releases physical blockages;  
  • Awakens powerful energies within the body;  
  • Helps to become more self confident and powerful woman and much more.

What happens during Tantra Massage

Using proven Tantric techniques and authentic knowledge we perform Tantra massage with the focus on great energetic potential.  

We start our massage by energising the less intimate areas of the body, like back, legs and arms.  We use special pressure points which awaken your energy in both healing and harmonious way.  

Only when woman’s body is energised and she is completely relaxed more intimate body parts are massaged, like breasts and yoni. Yoni is sacred name for woman’s genitals in Sanscrit language.  

As oppose to men, women’s genitals are internal and because of that women hold a lot of blockages inside.

Yoni is like a sponge, it stores emotions, memories and past traumas. At the same time yoni holds powerful energetic potential. Yoni is a gateway to the potent energies, profound healing and of course to the magnificent orgasmic bliss! 

The goal of Tantra massage is to bring pleasure to the higher level and to use powerful sexual and pranic energies for healing purposes. 

Learning to awaken and harness sexual energy is very beneficial for many areas of woman’s life. Thanks to Tantra massage woman can achieve deep emotional and physical healing, she becomes more sensual, sexually liberated and simply more powerful woman in all the aspects of life.